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One thought on “WORDS

  1. Thanks for digging up this stuff! It got me thinking and I’m too plugged in to my own version of the world to have found it on my own.

    Five years away from teaching, and I’ve been doing more music writing and recording, and writing lots of poetry. The poem below has to do with words and the act of speaking up. Since I see you taught a Shakespeare course, you may find this sonnet (well, the form, anyway) resonant. Say hi to Randolph – I miss you two. ciao, al b

    The Young Cry, the Old Listen

    When all the trees were blowing white and black
    I went out walking in the keening wind,
    the lean of certainty firm at my back,
    my cry haled out and covered by the din.

    And pitched so at the summit of its bent,
    I took joy in my voice, although unheard.
    Swept in the deafening current, I was sent
    by sound beyond the meaning of a word.

    The wind subsided now, the breezes show
    the shifting greens of grass, uncertain petals.
    How changeably on every side they blow,
    and in the calms, how variously they settle!

    Standing beside a silence, spoiled by choice,
    I must be sure before I raise my voice.

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