Save the Words!

The Oxford English Dictionary has introduced a new online call-to-arms: Save the Be sure to have the sound up on your computer!

So far I’ve adopted both magistricide (killing a teacher) and agonyclite (member of a heretical sect that stood rather than kneeled).

My favorite, however, is the word kalotypography, as described below:

kalotypography, from

Seems like whatever OED editor wrote this entry has a very particular impression of us typophiles! Kudos for a hilarious example sentence that in no way helps demonstrate the definition of the word. I will now make a concerted effort to use this word and talk about myself all the time in order to bring this editor’s stereotype to sweet, sweet fruition.


One thought on “Save the Words!

  1. I love the word kalotypography!
    Im currently including it in a graphic design project I’m working on, lets reintroduce it to the english language, through hashtags!
    So if you see something thats beautifully printed instagram, pinterest or tweet about it with #kalotypography

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