Recent News

I have been busy this past year (doing things other than updated this page, evidently!). A few updates:


My Speculum article, “The Origins and Development of Mary’s Book at the Annunciation” (featured below and available as a pdf) won the 2014-2015 Prize for Best Article from the Society of Medieval Feminist Scholarship. See details on

The article was also featured on the excellent website Feminae as the Article of the Month, May 2015. See details here.


I founded the new UiB Literature & Religion Research Group, and now help lead as a member of the steering committee. Last semester we had several successful lectures and writing workshops, and this fall we received a large grant for a pair of innovative symposia on ‘New Directions in Religion and Literature.’ The first symposium will be on Friday 4 Sept and feature Mieke Bal as plenary speaker.

I am now a Core Partner of the large Leverhulme Trust Grant-funded “International Network on Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon” (see ). We just had our first workshop 20-24 July 2015 at the Chawton House Library in England, where I presented a lecture on “What Nuns Read… and Didn’t Read.”

I also began a 3-yr term as an Advisory Board representative for the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship.


“Playing Editor: Inviting Students Behind the Text,” Early Modern Culture Online (forthcoming, 2015).

Two book reviews forthcoming:

Ralph Hanna, Introducing Medieval Book History (Liverpool University Press, 2013) in Archiv fuer das Studium der Neueren Sprachen und Literaturen

Wolfgang Riehle, The Secret Within: Hermits, Recluses, and Spiritual Outsiders in Medieval England, trans. Charity Scott-Stokes (Cornell University Press, 2014), in Studies in the Age of Chaucer


Co-authorship, with Sonja Drimmer, of a volume of the Index of Middle English Prose: British Library Additional Manuscripts 4100-10,000 (Boydell & Brewer/ D.S. Brewer); in progress

Several commissioned articles and book chapters, to be announced…

And the monograph, of course…


Spring was the season of invited lectures.

In February 2015, I gave a talk to the UiB Forskargruppa i mellomalderfilologi (Medieval Philology Research Group) on “The Peculiar Story of the Annunciation Scenes in the Medieval English ‘Life of Christ’ Prose Tradition.”

In March, I gave a talk to the University of Oslo Medieval Studies Research Group, “Conceiving the Word: Mary as Hermeneutic Key in Medieval Women’s Visionary Narratives.”

In May, I gave a talk to the University of Oxford Medieval English Seminar on “Christine de Pizan and Julian of Norwich in Conversation.”


I attended a lot of conferences in July, high conference season for the Anglo-American-European medievalist crowd. First I delivered a paper at the Early Book Society Meeting, Oxford, UK (2-5 July), titled “Narrating the Visionary-Devotional Reading Experience.” Then I went to Leeds to the International Medieval Congress (6-9 July) to give a paper on “Compiling St. Bridget in Late Medieval England,” an invited presentation for a panel organized by the FNRS funded project on “Late Medieval Religiousity in England,” on Middle English compilations.

Later in the month I presented a 45-minute talk at the Chawton House workshop for the Leverhulme network described above. Immediately after that I was able to go to Exeter and Dartington Hall to some of the special Syon at 600 conference celebrating the sexcentenary of the founding of the monastery Syon Abbey. It was wonderful to see so many old friends I have made over the years of my research on Syon, and make some new ones, including the last Abbess of the house, Sister Anne. I also met and spoke some Norwegian with two Birgittine nuns from the motherhouse at Vadstena, Sweden. They gave me their postcard.

Greetings from Vadstena


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